Welcome to Part 4 of my Lunch Bag Food Series. This Turkey Club Ranch Wrap  is an easy lunch that will take you 5 minutes to throw together. It’s really nothing earth shattering or fancy, but it’s tasty!   Continue reading

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NO CHOPPING REQUIRED! This SHORTCUT BEEF BORSCHT recipe is quick (cook time of 15 minutes), healthy, low fat and delicious. You can realistically get home from work and make it for dinner that evening. If you are not a red meat eater, then substitute ground chicken or turkey. I have done this and you really can’t tell the difference. Or for a vegetarian meal, simply leave out the meat and use vegetable soup broth.

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Contest Winning “Artisan Toffee APPLE PIE COOKIE RECIPE”: A Taste of Fall

Artisan Toffee Apple Pie Cookies.jpg

I couldn’t resist doing another post this week because I love fall (aside from making school lunches) and wanted to share a delicious fall dessert recipe. Fall is just such a cozy time of year and apple is one of the most comforting of all the fall flavours. That was my inspiration for this recipe for apple cookies. They embody the essence of autumn; they are crisp, but make you feel all warm inside. The lemon adds the perfect balance of tart to the sweetness of the apple pie and the toffee, well, the toffee makes them sing!

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Series: Lunch Bag Food: Part 3- Blueberry Cornbread Recipe


Welcome to Part 3 of my Lunch Bag Food Series. If you are looking for something quick to make ahead and throw in the kids lunch box for a morning snack/breakfast or dessert, this Blueberry Cornbread recipe is the one for you. Cornbread is elevated to an entirely new level with blueberries added to the batter!

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Welcome to the 2nd installment of my “Lunch Bag Food” Series- a simple chicken and rice recipe. In the spirit of back to school, I am offering up some healthy, different and easy recipes to pop in your kids’ lunch box (or you own), add some variety and make your life a little bit simpler. 

Let’s face it, eating a cold sandwich out of a bag everyday gets really boring. Even if your kids are lucky enough to have a microwave that actually works at school, they have to stand in line to use it, seriously cutting into precious lunch break time. I remember this from my university days. It gets to the point where it’s not even worth it to bring food that requires heating. A thermos is handy but stewy/ soupy /casserole stuff just doesn’t cut it all the time.  Continue reading

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“Lunch Bag Food” Tip: Chocolate Yogurt- only 57 calories!

Healthy Chocolate yogurt.jpg

This is more of a tip than a recipe. Actually, it came to me as a Weight Watchers tip. I make this yogurt for a guilt-free easy dessert or snack and it is a very satisfying alternative to eating something naughty.  It also makes a great back to school kids lunch box snack (for the kids or you). And it is ONLY 57 Calories per 1/2 cup serving! Continue reading

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SERIES- “LUNCH BAG FOOD”- Part 1: FRUIT & OAT BAR RECIPE -dairy, nut, gluten, egg and sugar free

Healthy Fruit & Oat Bars

I loathe making kids lunches. But what I loathe even more than making lunches is coming up with kids healthy lunch box ideas. It’s never-ending. I dread it every day, all year-long and I’m sure there are many other parents out there that are just like me. So, if you are one of those parents (or not a parent, but just generally hate making lunches), I want to offer you a few more lunch bag food ideas over the next few weeks.

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EASY & HEALTHY FISH TACOS RECIPE- minus that ‘fishy’ taste


Want to get rid of that ‘fishy’ taste you get from salt water fish? Use frozen fish and defrost fillets in MILK. Yes, this really works. Milk gets rid of that nasty fishy taste. I didn’t even think I would like fish tacos, much less LOVE them. Because of this little food hack, now I do!
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Strawberry Gingerbread Pupcakes: A Fun & Healthy Hybrid

Strawberry Gingerbread Pupcakes.jpg

This pancake/cupcake hybrid recipe takes a boring old pancake and morphs it into a delicious and healthy breakfast cupcake with a strawberry greek yogurt topping which is, by far, way more FUN! Even better, it’s easy and quick to make.

Although I love these pupcakes, I created this recipe with kids in mind. I wanted it to be both healthy and fun for them. And I’m happy to report it was a success! Continue reading

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Mediterranean Monte Sandwich

I’m really not much of a sandwich girl. Maybe it’s because my university years were wrought with far too many squished tuna sammies eaten out of my backpack. Continue reading

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